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When you visit a website, how do you like it to be? Simple, filled with a lot of content, boring or colourful, informative yet bright? The second. So, it is what graphic designing is all about. In simple terms, graphic designing is creating professional, creative visuals to convey messages. Graphic designers enhance the user experience by employing page layout techniques and visual hierarchy. Images and designs are used for displaying elements.
Graphic design has become a crucial element in today’s market. If you want your website to grow, aesthetic appeal becomes a must. Thus, graphic design in USA and Canada is growing rapidly.
The term graphic relates to drawing, lettering or engraving. But today’s graphic designing is not just that. Designers do not just create graphics for aesthetic appeal rather the design becomes crucial for the entire website.
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App development or mobile application development is the development of software to be run on a mobile phone. One can say, the mobile development process includes building installable software packages (code, binaries, assets, and so on), integrating backend services like data access via an API, and testing the application on target devices.

Mobile application development is becoming an increasingly popular medium of software production as the use of smartphones and tablets grows. Indeed, mobile applications have become a crucial component of most organizations. Customers are now abandoning desktops and shifting towards mobile phones and tablets. This has attracted a huge market towards app development. App development is getting a high stake in the markets of Canada and the USA.

Origins of mobile application development lie in traditional software building technology. But as smartphones have various newer features like GPS, Bluetooth, vibration sensors, mobile application development begins to differ from the original software development.In the mobile application market, two leading platforms are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. While iOS runs on all Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, Google’s Android is used by numerous OEMs to build their smartphones and other devices.Although there are various similarities while developing an app on both platforms, there are numerous differences too. Development of iOS and Android requires separate software development kits i.e., SDKs and development toolchains. While iOS is only available for Apple devices, Google gives access to Android to all the firms that satisfy their criteria. By targeting both platforms, several developers create several apps every day.

Today, a good graphic design of your website doesn’t only involve giving it an aesthetic look but has various aspects to it. These include

The first impression of your website

Good designing of your website would always leave a mark on your users. Thus, a well-designed website becomes a must for any business to grow.

Identity of your brand

Each brand has a specific design. You may look at Apple, Instagram for example. They pay a lot of attention to their design. Your design becomes a trademark for your company.


A well-designed portal always gives the user the information they want. If your website is well designed, all the information your user might want would be at their fingertips.

User’s interest and trust

Who doesn’t want an attractive website? When you have a well-designed website, your users are attracted to you and this builds their trust towards you.

Thus, having a well-designed website becomes a core part of your website development. There are various aspects that a graphic designer keeps in mind while creating designs. These include:

User Experience

The designer designs the graphic according to the user. Say, if you have a website that deals with graphic t-shirts, the designer would make sure that the colour used is bold, according to the themes of the t-shirts you sell. So, the user is well-versed with the themes of your product.


Typography is yet another thing that graphic designers use. The size and style of the font say a lot. Say, if you want to announce your website, the designer would use bold fonts as it represents a loud voice. In the same way, soft words are written with light fonts. The wrong use of style might make the user lose interest. Thus, typography becomes a crucial part of graphic designing.


The colours used in the website also play a huge role. For example, the colour red symbolizes danger. It also catches attention very quickly. Thus, red is used for urgent notices. Yellow is the colour of harmony. Thus, yellow is used for saying peaceful things.

Ratios and proportions

while designing a graphic, a graphic designer has to keep in mind the ratios and proportions. Precise proportions make your designs look elegant and user-friendly.

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Graphic design has become more global in its scope because of the wide range of the internet in today’s world. Furthermore, the incorporation of animations, videos, music into website designing has resulted in the fusion of broadcast media and traditional print. Motion graphics is becoming an increasingly important area of graphic design as kinetic media expands from motion pictures and basic television to scores of cable-television channels, video games, and animated Web sites.
Graphic design is widespread in the twenty-first century; it is a critical component of our complex printed and digital information management. It pervades modern society, disseminating information, entertainment, and persuasive messages. The constant advancement of technology has drastically altered the way graphic designing was used in the past as compared to the present. Graphic designing has today become the backbone of any website advertisement, display of information and creation of creative and user-friendly content. However, the fundamental role of a graphic designer remains the same that is the display of eloquent and clear messages and communication.